Blessington is a member of the The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation.

We are committed to partnering with both APCO & the government along with other local industry members to reduce the harmful impact of packaging on the Australian environment. In working together, towards the 2025 National Targets we hope to achieve sustainable packaging outcomes that will make this wonderful country an even better place to live!

Our initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint include:

  • Use of Eco friendly B2B packaging material containing minimum 30% recycled content
  • Use of predominantly recycled or recyclable content in B2C Packaging
  • Use of ‘on pack’ Australian Recycling Logo’s (ARL) for the purpose of educating consumers on suitable recycling and waste practices
  • Careful assessment and refinement of existing packaging and packaging practices to implement change where possible to reduce unnecessary single-use packaging content
  • Continued education and reporting on practices in line with APCO Membership obligations
  • Reduced environmental impact by providing downloadable manuals brochures, online video content and tutorials
  • Reduced environmental impact by providing a business portal for Retailers
  • Issue of reusable green bags at our Craft & Quilt Shows and conventions
  • ​Customers are encouraged to recycle plastic lanyards
  • Education and Consumer awareness of upcycling and recycling with fun and engaging projects and blog posts

Blessington is working towards a brighter more sustainable future one package at a time.