Full of gorgeous ombre pink and the staple white and black threads, this gorgeous Pretty in Pink thread set has all you need to think pink!


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We are offering this fantastic Superior Threads Magnifico thread pack, full of gorgeous ombre pink and the staple white and black threads. Starting with Elizabeth and going through three different shades of pinks through to Impatiens Pink it has got all your pink embroidery covered. All 500yd spools. 
This set Includes 12 x 500yd spools:
2009 Elizabeth
2010 Sweetheart Pink
2011 Lilyanna
2012 Rose Pink
2019 Light Dusty Pink
2020 Vision
2022 Rosebud
2025 Primrose
2026 Valentino
2027 Impatiens Pink
2003 Snowflake White
2002 Blackout

Classic pinks,  dusty coloured pinks and rose pinks are all included here, with the most used colours, black and white. 

Magnifico is a bold, strong thread created for quilting and embroidery. With an extra-strength, high-sheen polyester that can handle the speed and tension, while displaying bold and beautiful shades of colour. Available in 200 solid colours.. To eliminte shrinkage, Magnifico is ‘heat set’ in processing.

To order a copy of the entire colour cards, visit www.superior-threads.com.au