SKU: HQST105-12-05-CRAYO

Set of 12 40wt. 2-ply high-tenacity trilobial polyester thread. Designed for quilting, decorative stitching and embroidery.


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The crayon set is full of bold colour pigments that will enhance your creativity. A rainbow of colour will keep every aspect of your embroidery covered.

Magnifico is a bold, strong thread created for quilting and embroidery. With an extra-strength, high-sheen polyester that can handle the speed and tension, while displaying bold and beautiful shades of colour. Available in 200 solid colours. To eliminte shrinkage, Magnifico is ‘heat set’ in processing.

This pack includes:

  • 1 x 2057 Lemon Squares 500yd (457m) Spool
  • 1 x 2007 Dreamland Pink 500yd (457m) Spool
  • 1 x 2104 Irish Meadow 500yd (457m) Spool
  • 1 x 2128 Crocus 500yd (457m) Spool
  • 1 x 2147 Vista 500yd (457m) Spool
  • 1 x 2175 Camel Hair 500yd (457m) Spool
  • 1 x 2037 Orange Juice 500yd (457m) Spool
  • 1 x 2041 Happy Red 500yd (457m) Spool
  • 1 x 2090 Bottle Green 500yd (457m) Spool
  • 1 x 2116 Desert Flower 500yd (457m) Spool
  • 1 x 2163 Stormy Seas 500yd (457m) Spool
  • 1 x 2188 Koa 500yd (457m) Spool